Ordering a firearm

Place your order online

During the checkout process, enter your dealer info in the “ship to” address. Everything else (phone number, email, billing, and name on both the bill to and ship to name) needs to be your information. Please have your dealer send us a copy of their FFL referencing your name and order number to FFL@stonefirearms.com or fax 206-800-8715.

Find a dealer near you that is willing to handle the transfer. Call the dealer in case they require prior documents to be signed and to obtain information about their transfer fees.

Please be aware, all serialized items take 2-3 business days for processing so please be considerate when choosing the shipping method.

We will NOT ship your order out unless we have a filecopy of your dealer’s FFL.

Please contact us if there are any other questions or concerns regarding firearm orders.

Pricing errors

There are two main pricing errors and in each instance, we reserve the right to cancel the order. The first is an item mis-priced due to system issues and/or human unintentional error. The second is the manipulation of our website in order to check out at a lower price. In the event, it is a human error or system error we contact you to discuss and explain. In the event we have identified tampering with our site we will cancel the order with or without notice as well as take means necessary to circumvent and restrict your use of our site going further.

Receiving a checkout error

Our system is set up to immediately charge out your payment information once the order is placed to avoid any credit card information from being saved in the database.

The following may be the cause of you receiving this error message:

  1. Your billing address does not match your credit card’s billing information.
  2. Your billing zip code should only require the first 5 digits, additional digits in your zip code will disrupt the transaction.
  3. Your bank or creditor may be putting a stop to the charges.
  4. Insufficient funds in your payment account.
  5. If the credit card used to place the order is not a VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER

If none of these factors apply to you, please give us a call and we can help you with the transaction.


Shipping to CA

We will ship "Off-List" stripped lowers and CA Compliant rifles and pistols to CA.

Do you have the item In Stock?

Our website is live which means that if you can add the item to your cart, we have it in stock. With as many products as we carry, we can make mistakes but that is the exception and not the rule. If for whatever reason the item is oversold, we will notify you immediately and provide further options.

Order processing time frame

Standard orders will ship in 1-2 business days.

We try our best to provide not only efficient, but precise shipping to all customers as fast as we can. Our system will send tracking number emails once your order leaves our facility.

Please be aware, Stonefire Arms has strict security procedures for each order to prevent potential fraudulent orders. Please watch your email after placing orders; there may be extra verification process required to complete your order.Shipping times begin after verification (if required).

Cerakote Orders

Orders will take approx. 4 weeks to complete. Please send form with your order along with a copy of the order receipt. Make sure all parts are listed.