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Stonefire Arms was started in 2012. We have been involved in the firearm industry since 1996, mainly building custom AR-15's. We started Stonefire Arms to manufacture and bring durable parts & products to the market at reasonable prices. We are constantly working to develop new and improve existing products.

We offer a wide variety of AR parts, AR 15 Lower Receiver we also do custom AR 15 Parts kit we can customize your grip, AR trigger, upgrade your selector to an AMBI Battle Arms Development (B.A.D.) lever.
We can build you any custom AR Lower or AR platform, first pick your AR 15 lower and upper, currently we offer a few manufacturers including Noveske and Mega Arms. We also have many AR 15 Uppers for you to choose form We also carry a full line of magpul products from the popular magpul CTR and many other AR 15 Stocks to the new maglink pmag couplers. We currently carry many 5.56/ 223 Barrels as well as 300 AAC Barrels. You can add any option like a vertical grip or flashlight holder from our full line of Gear Sector products and even add an AR 15 Suppressor. We supply many different sight options from optics, holographic, red dot and flip up sights.
Current Lead times may be 8-12 weeks for some parts due to the demand on the AR 15 uppers and lowers.
If you have custom AR 15 parts your looking for or would like an AR 15 kit please Contact US.
If AR's aren't for you we offer Tactical shotguns and are adding more tactical gear daily.